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Industrial Fences & Gates–Security Privacy Reliability–Windsor, Chatham, London, Ontario

Simpson's Fence Ltd provides Industrial Fences & Gates Installations – Security Privacy Reliability – serving the communities of Windsor-Essex, Chatham-Kent, London and South-western Ontario.

Deter Trespassers, Thieves, Vandals and Animals

Our industrial fencing products provide required security against intruders of all sorts. Whether you want to secure your property against thieves breaking in, vandalism, trespassers or even animals, we have a fencing solution that will restore your peace of mind.

We offer a variety of fencing styles and materials, each with their own specific characteristics. We’ll meet with you in an initial interview to understand your fencing issues and we’ll provide you with a recommendation based upon our experience, product knowledge and creative thinking.

Our Industrial Fence installations provide:

  • Reliable Security against trespassers, thieves, vandals and/or animals
  • Long term durability – resistance to wear or breakdown with minimal maintenance
  • Effective Construction – strong, physically secure and safe
  • Unobtrusive design – we’ll help you to develop a fencing solution that compliments its surroundings
  • Cost-effective access and/or containment solutions

Our Industrial Fence experience is on your side!

Through the years, we’ve had the opportunity to be involved in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and institutional fence and gate installations throughout south-western Ontario. From prisons, to factories and schools to recreational facilities we’ve helped our clients resolve many traditional and unique fencing requirements.

We are pleased to be able to offer all our resources to you as your fencing expert. As one of south-western Ontario’s oldest and well-established fencing contractors, we enjoy problem-solving exercises with our clients both new and old.

Sliding overhead gates.

Gate operators available.

Gate Sizes: Single - 3ft to 30ft
Double - up to 60 ft

    using diagonal braces.

    with improved lower guide system

    utilizing guarded pinch points

    transported easily and economically to any destination

Security Fence Barbed Tape/Razor Ribbon

Designed to provide maximum security for your plant and property. When access to your property is made next to impossible, the risk of burglary, vandalism and theft is drastically reduced.

NOTE: this product is recommended for fences 7' or over.

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