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Little Beaver Earth Drills & Augers

Little Beaver has been serving America's hole digging needs for three generations. Through the years, our commitment to quality and service and our commitment to our customers' needs has remained steadfast.

The new corporate offices and manufacturing facilities are centrally located on three acres of land in Livingston, Texas. Our experienced personnel, housed in this modem office complex, are devoted to client service and to the accurate expedition of individual drill orders, no matter how large or small.

All pertinent account information is easily accessed through our in-house computer system, allowing us to efficiently serve our customers' needs.

The heart of the Little Beaver plant is the fabrication facility. Here, each drill is assembled by specialists and is carefully inspected at each step of production. Many of the finely tuned parts that go into the makeup of the Little Beaver earth drill are manufactured at the plant itself, resulting in greatly reduced production costs and a better product for our customers.

Each drill and auger shipped is under the control of a highly skilled expediting technician. Before any auger or machine is shipped to the customer, Little Beaver thoroughly tests each piece of equipment. In addition, R & D specialists are always at work to improve each drill and auger.

Little Beaver takes pride in being America's Number One source for hole digging equipment... a reputation gained over the years by offering a high quality and versatile product line. This website lists many of the popular engines, handles, augers and attachments which can be adapted to your exact needs.

We are looking forward to serving you.
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