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Little Beaver Augers

Simpson's Fence carries the complete line of Little Beaver Earth Drills and Augers. These products use a patented torque free mechanical or hydraulic earth drilling process. They are portable for one or two man operation. The Augers and Extensions are available from 1" to 16" in diameter. They're easy to use... and easy to move. For more detailed information, please visit the Little Beaver Website.
Little Beaver FAQ's
Hydraulic Earth Drills

The Little Beaver hydraulic earth drill comes in a wide selection of handle attachments and motor sizes, each equipped with a wide range of safety and operational features.

Mechanical Earth Drills

The Little Beaver mechanical earth drill comes in various engine sizes and with a patented torque tube that transfers any counter torque away from the operator

Augers & Extensions

The Little Beaver auger attachments and extensions attach quickly and are available in a wide range of sizes and types.

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