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General Operation of Earth Drills Support
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  • [Go] Are Little Beaverís points and blades reversible?
  • [Go] Can I replace the standard point with a carbide point?
  • [Go] Can I use other brands of augers with the Little Beaver?
  • [Go] Can I use the Big Beaver auger drill rig to perform an ASTM standard penetration test?
  • [Go] Do you have an auger that will drill through frozen ground?
  • [Go] Do you have Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for your equipment?
  • [Go] How deep can a Little Beaver dig?
  • [Go] How far can I bore a hole using the horizontal boring attachment?
  • [Go] How long is the warranty?
  • [Go] I need to drill holes in very rough terrain. What model would you recommend?
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