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  • [Go] How far can I bore a hole using the horizontal boring attachment?
  • [Go] How fast can I tow my Towable Earth Drill?
  • [Go] How long is the warranty?
  • [Go] How much hydraulic oil does it take to fill the reservoir of my Hydraulic Earth Drill?
  • [Go] I canít start my Mechanical Earth Drill. Iíve checked the fuel and the spark plug and theyíre both fine, but it still doesnít start. What could be the problem?
  • [Go] I have an older Little Beaver mechanical model. Can I replace my old handle with a new handle?
  • [Go] I just received a new flexible shaft and it doesnít fit into my gearbox. Whatís the problem?
  • [Go] I need to drill holes in very rough terrain. What model would you recommend?
  • [Go] I use my Hydraulic Earth Drill for sign erection. Taking it out of the truck bed and back in again is not easy. Is there anything I can do about this?
  • [Go] I wish it were easier to lift the engine end of my Mechanical Earth Drill when loading it. Do you have pick up handles available?
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