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Little Beaver Earth Drills and Augers

As a true heritage company, Little Beaver Earth Drills & Augers has been providing quality earth drilling equipment for more than 60 years with Simpson’s Fence being an authorized dealer for around 55 years. Here at Simpson’s Fence as one of the only authorized dealers of Little Beaver equipment in the area, We provide a good selection of Little Beaver products ready to order at competitive prices. Call us today and ask about our Little Beaver earth drills and augers.

That's right! For the last 55 years Simpson's Fence has been an authorized dealer for Little Beavers equipment in Southwestern Ontario. But what is Little Beaver? Little Beaver is a equipment company that produces products such as earth drills, earth augers, and mini-trenchers. These products are key tools for efficiently digging holes to set posts as well as having many other uses for your fencing and excavation jobs and projects. Little Beaver provides innovative solutions to your fencing and earth moving needs whether you are company, contractor, or do-it-yourselfer. Not only is Simpson's Fence an authorized dealer for Little Beaver products, the team at Simpson's Fence swears by their products, using them for jobs both residential and commercial. Check out some of the Little Beaver products available for purchase at Simpson's Fence below.

Little Beaver

A Quote from Little Beaver Inc.

Little Beaver has been serving America’s hole digging needs for three generations. Through the years, our commitment to quality and service and our dedication to our customers’ needs have remained steadfast. Little Beaver takes pride in being America’s Number One source for hole digging equipment… a reputation gained over the years by offering a high quality and versatile product line.

Mechanical Earth Drill

The versatile Little Beaver Mechanical Earth Drill is the #1 choice of rental store owners, fencing contractors, and other professionals who require a one-man auger that is safe and simple to operate. Thanks to our innovative torque tube, we’ve eliminated the kickback found in competitive one-man and two-man augers, making one-man drilling safe and productive.

Hydraulic Earth Drill

By combining higher horsepower engines with the reversibility, reliability and convenience of hydraulic drive, Little Beaver Hydraulic earth drills are ideal for drilling in rocky or heavy clay soils. With their extra torque, these powerful earth drills can handle augers up to 16″ in diameter and can drill depths of up to 30′ with 12″ or smaller diameter augers, depending on soil conditions. A forward/reverse lever lets you remove the auger if it gets caught under an obstruction, such as a rock or tree root.

Kwik-Trench Mini-Trencher

Are you looking for the best mini-trencher? The Kwik-Trench mini-trencher meets the shallow trenching needs of rental stores, contractors and golf course superintendents. Thanks to its simple, push-forward design, the Kwik-Trench Earth Saw has proven itself as the fastest, easiest to use, and most economical mini-trencher on the market today. The Kwik-Trench’s compact size lets you get into areas inaccessible to full-size trenchers. And once at the jobsite, you’ll achieve cutting speeds of up to 30′ per minute.  A manual crank on belt-driven models infinitely controls your cutting depth (up to 12″ on model KT 2400) while a locking swivel wheel lets you cut straight trenches.

Towable Hydraulic Earth Drill

Little Beaver’s towable, hydraulic auger drill certainly has all of that…and more. When we designed the HYD-TB11H, we weren’t interested in developing an ordinary, “me too” machine. Our goal was to design a tow behind, hydraulic auger machine that was clearly superior to any competitive offering currently on the market. And that’s exactly what we did. If you’re in the market for the best earth drill, take a look at these features.

UN-Towable Earth Drill

Little Beaver has been designing and building some of the best drilling machines for more than 50 years, and the HYD-NTV11H UN-Towable rounds out its complete line of premium earth drilling equipment. The NTV11H is economically priced, without sacrificing the power, efficiency, and reliability of similar towable units, and incorporates heavy-duty construction and high quality components. Featuring a compact design, with multiple transport options, it’s a versatile drill that works across various applications, from weekend rental projects to daily fencing jobs. With a rugged steel frame and advanced, robust hydraulic system, the UN-Towable units are designed to reduce maintenance and eliminate repair hassles for years of worry-free drilling performance.

Big Beaver Earth Drill

The Big Beaver is the most powerful earth drill produced by Little Beaver, the leading manufacturer of torque-free, one-man earth drills. Ideally suited for drilling environmental test wells, soil sampling and foundation repair, the Big Beaver offers one-man operation and portability in areas inaccessible to truck-mounted units. The Big Beaver is designed to work with 4″–18″ D-series augers. When deep holes are required, auger extensions can be added to let you drill down to 30′ with a 16″ auger and up to 100′ with a 6″ auger, depending on soil conditions.


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